Anthropolesley is a brand of graphics inspired by a jet-set architect in the NYC area, whose love for cultures, architecture, deconstructive art, fashion, collaborations inspire her work. The result is a texturally rich collage of hand-drawings and mixed media.


Hello Visitors!

I'm a native Southern-Californian, an architect, landscape architect, freelance graphic designer, and avid culture-lover.  After having spent over a decade living in the US, Great Britain, Europe, and Asia, I'm now based in the New York metropolitan region.  During the day, I work at a landscape architecture firm in Manhattan learning all the nuts and bolts of building a project.  After-hours I'm sketching, studying, running marathons, editing photos, and smashing textures with Adobe Suite.  I have an insatiable love to design things, and one of my greatest pleasures is building my portfolio.  Each piece is a tiny reflection of who I am, as I sail the seas of figuring out how to creatively express my love for architecture, graphic design, and the cultures we live in.  You can say this process has been a journey of self-discovery- hence the name "Anthropolesley".

As one who cannot work in a vacuum, I draw inspiration from my Filipina heritage, my trade as an architect, my education in Scotland, and the people I collaborate with. If life is a creative process, my dream is to have my own practice that improves our daily lifestyles/ spaces by the merger of Architecture, Landscape Urbanism, and Graphic Design. I think practicing graphic design is an important element in this task. A well-designed Map will tell you where to go; a beautiful shirt Pattern expresses individuality; a Logo tells the world your mission objective; Typography allows freedom to think, read, learn!  It's in everything!  The skills I'm acquiring as a freelance graphic designer enriches my daily practice as an architect.  It helps me think strategically to fulfill design briefs, and it builds on technical, visual, marketing, and life and time management skills.  To not practice would be a missed opportunity to challenge myself and mature as an individual.

I hope this letter helps you get to know me a bit more.  But if you're still feeling lost, not to fear!  I have a bunch of links at the bottom of this page for you to click and explore more.  Check me out on Instagram for starters- it basically narrates my travels!  Finally, I want to say "Thank You" to all my supporters and collaborative team-mates for embarking on this journey with me.  You guys keep me motivated and inspired!

All the Best,
Lesley Ann


also known as Lesley Ann Malapit